About My Aircraft

1967 Piper PA-32-260 Cherokee Six
Based in Dixon, IL (C73)

Typical cruise speed @ 65%: 128 knots
Useful load: 1,509 lbs (over 1,000 lbs with full fuel)

The Aspens (PFD & MFD), Garmin 530 and S-TEC 30 autopilot (w/ alt. hold) make this aircraft a pleasure to fly.

In my opinion, the Cherokee Six 260 is an excellent Midwest and Eastern region aircraft. While it is not very fast, it is an extremely comfortable family airplane. Considering the low fixed and variable costs, it’s tough to beat a Cherokee Six.

Some folks will say that the 260 hp version is underpowered, which may be true in certain areas of the country, but I’ve flown the PA-32-260 all over the Midwest and Eastern states and have never experienced any performance issues. With its huge useful load, we routinely fill the plane with two adults, two teenagers, a Labrador Retriever and plenty of baggage. For long cross-country flights, we fly 4 hour legs, which leaves just over an hour of reserve.

If you are looking for a solid family plane, add the Cherokee Six to the list of options. We definitely enjoy ours.

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