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We brought aircraft aquisitions into the 21st Century - with data leading the way.


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About Pro Seller

Think this program might be for you? Here are some of the most common questions we get:

Real-time market data is essential for aircraft sellers, enabling accurate pricing of your aircraft to maximize yield. The aviation industry is highly dynamic, with prices fluctuating based on various factors like localized demand, economic climate, and market sentiment. Having access to real-time data enables sellers to stay abreast of these changes, ensuring their aircraft is competitively priced and appealing to potential buyers. Additionally, this data can provide valuable insights into market trends, helping sellers determine the optimal time to list their aircraft for sale, as well as when to change the price in order to remain optimal: you don't want to find yourself giving away the 'deal of the century' or chasing after the market. By leveraging such data, aircraft sellers can make more informed decisions, enhancing the speed and profitability of their transaction process.
Our program is designed to cater to a wide range of aircraft sellers, irrespective of their preferred involvement level in the process. For those who are keen on driving their transaction but need robust, real-time market data to guide their decisions, our platform provides comprehensive insights to fuel a successful sale. For sellers who favor a DIY approach but seek professional support to navigate the current general aviation landscape, we offer expert guidance coupled with self-driven tools to strike the perfect balance between autonomy and assistance. And for those who prefer a completely automated process, we connect clients to full-brokerage service that meticulously handles every step of the sales process. So, whether you're a data-driven decision-maker, a hands-on seller seeking expert backup, or an owner looking for complete sales management, our program will meet your unique needs and deliver a seamless aircraft selling experience.
Leveraging nearly a decade's worth of accumulated data, our platform is uniquely positioned to advise you on the optimal listing locations for your specific make and model. We've analyzed the performance metrics of various platforms across over 1,200 aircraft models, enabling us to provide nuanced recommendations that go beyond one-size-fits-all solutions. Our data-driven insights are designed to ensure that every expenditure you bear in the sales process contributes directly and effectively to enhancing your yield. By tapping into our rich repository of historical data, we can provide nominal expectations regarding the number of listing locations and sales timelines for your aircraft. Our commitment is to ensure that your aircraft reaches the most suitable markets, streamlining the sales process, and maximizing return on your investment.
Our fee structure is designed with flexibility in mind to cater to each client's unique needs and level of desired brokerage service. It is based on a combination of fixed-rate and commission-based models. This allows us to provide a personalized service, whether you're seeking comprehensive brokerage assistance or just need some support in specific areas. Depending on the complexity of the transaction and the level of involvement you prefer, our fees will reflect a balance between a set rate and a commission on the final sale. We believe this approach provides a fair representation of the value we offer and aligns our interests with your own. To receive detailed information specifically tailored to your transaction, please contact our team below.

Program Highlights

Here's a brief overview of our aircraft sales support program. We leverage our proprietary pricing index data to optimize your return to time-on-market ratio. The program is operated alongside industry partners for the best client experience:

Aggregate Data

We have a deep database of aircraft data allowing owners to claim their aircraft and retrieve common info.

Review History

We can assist in corroborating damage history, prior ownership, and review logbook best practices.

Price Aircraft

Our PAPI tool determines optimal price and tolerance, as well as provides dynamic pricing updates.

Generate Offers

We know the best places to list your aircraft, can connect directly with buyers, and even place on our site.

Purchase Agreement

Our team has purchase agreements ready for use when it comes time to get your aircraft under contract.

Negotiate & Closing

Experts in aircraft sales will guide you through final negotiation and support you until the sale is closed

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A Comprehensive Program, for the Modern Seller.

Selling an aircraft involves more than simply setting a price. From understanding the most attractive selling points to navigating the complex process of closing, there are numerous factors that both new and experienced sellers must consider. Whether it's understanding market dynamics to set a competitive price or navigating the complexities of co-ownership transfers, there's much to consider for the savvy seller. Our program is designed to merge professional advice with sophisticated data tools to transform you into a true Pro Seller.

"Our vision is to elevate the general aviation market to the standards of transparency and efficiency that we've seen transform other sectors, like real estate and automotive. In an industry often characterized by complexity, data is the key to unlocking clarity and confidence: It can drive each transaction towards the best possible outcome. Our aim is for to be a beacon guiding the next generation of aircraft owners." -Adam Webster, COO

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