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About planephd

Planephd is a data company whose mission is to bring transparency to General Aviation. Born from pioneers in finance and researchers in statistics and artificial intelligence, planephd has assembled a comprehensive dataset which includes data on all US registered aircraft.

While raw data is readily available from both public and private data sources, fifty years of manual data collection has corrupted the available data through typos, non-standardized entries, errors, omissions, manipulations, and duplications of entries and categories. Planephd’s value proposition is that with our team’s talents, we have created a framework which has cleaned, filled, extended, and lined up the data on over 700,000 aircraft to make it useful in ways previously not possible.

Our data covers aircraft registration, specifications, performance, cost of ownership, valuation, market dynamics, reliability, and safety. Our framework makes use of data collected at the serial number level, and aggregates to see the whole picture, but also tracks the whole to predict the individual. It’s amazing what we discovered when we connected the dots.

As a life-long innovator and a private pilot, I’m excited about the potential for planephd to help a fragmented and opaque general aviation industry improve its cost, convenience, access, and safety. We hope you will join us on this journey.