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Welcome to the Pro Buyer Program

We brought aircraft aquisitions into the 21st Century - with data leading the way.


Aircraft tracked and recorded in our
proprietary transactional database.


Monthly users assisted in all things
aircraft, from research through purchase.


Average reported value returned to Pro
Buyers, compared to our fixed service cost.

  • "Without Planephd, we would have
    missed $35,000 in hidden issues."

    - Mike G., 1993 Piper PA-46 Malibu Buyer - White Plains, NY

  • "Thank you Planephd. You saved me $100,000
    Your input was well worth the money."

    - David S., Cessna 182Q Buyer - Picayune, MS

Program Highlights

Here's a brief overview of our acquisition roadmap. We offer a phased program structure so clients only engage with the services they want. Some of our commonly engaged services include the following, from first thoughts through hangaring:

Match Mission

Our aircraft experts and bespoke research tools will help you find the perfect model for your mission.

Valuate Options

An expert team will leverage our unique "PAPI" database to provide highly-accurate airframe valuations.

Make Offer

Deploy our historical pricing data and real-time market trend analysis to make the perfect offer first.

Execute Agreement

Drafting an effective agreement can be the deciding factor in a winning deal—we're here to be your guide.

Inspect Aircraft

Now is the time to protect your potential investment with remote expert overview and monitoring.

Closing & Beyond

If you need a ferry pilot, escrow services, export assistance, or more, our team is ready to get you flying.

Secure Financing

Whether you're an individual or a business, we can connect you with a perfect lender for your purchase.

Get Insurance

Insurance is a key for all aircraft ownership and our seasoned experts can help get you covered quickly.

Find Instructors

We partner with CFIs and instructor networks to minimize your time between acquisition and takeoff.

Ready to Begin Your Acquisition Journey?

Complete real-time and historical market price data give you the edge
when transacting, regardless if your new or seasoned owner.

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A Wholistic Program, for the Modern Buyer.

Buying an aircraft means more than just opening up your wallet. Beyond the due diligence required to safely close on a used aircraft, there are ongoing operational considerations that new fliers and seasoned pilots alike may overlook when looking ahead: from new training requirements to estimating hourly costs between fractional owner, there's much to consider for the savvy owner. Our program is designed to combine expert knowledge with powerful data tools to turn you into a true Pro Buyer.

"We wanted to bring the same level of clarity and consumer empowerment that we've seen blossom in other industries, like real estate and automotive markets, to general aviation—which has been an opaque space for far too long. Data is a light in the dark, able to guide every transaction closer to optimal, and we want to be the torch that illuminates that path forward." - Adam Webster, COO