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Would you like to compare thousands of models of aircraft on price, operating cost, and performance?

Planephd is the only place you can do that.

Questions no one can answer
  • Should I buy a new plane or one that's 20 years old?

  • What’s the total cost of ownership of each?

  • Who does sell the most of a specific aircraft model?

It's amazing what we learned when we connected all the dots.

How did we do it?

Planephd has the largest aircraft database ever assembled. We started with data on over 700,000 aircraft, and then using advanced statistical models, artificial intelligence, and financial techniques, we cleaned and built up that data to become something much greater.

But that data is meaningless without a community.

This is a community

We built planephd so that you could make it grow. It learns every day from its users. If you want improved transparency for the costs, safety, and reliability of aircraft, products and services, leave us feedback at

How To Use planephd

Owners, Pilots, and
Operators was born from frustration with the status quo.

People who want to make things better are at the core of planehd.

We mean you.