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Hands-On vs. Hands-Off Approach to Aircraft Sales

What kind of aircraft seller are you?

The aircraft sales landscape is as diverse as it is dynamic. Yet, when you peel back the layers, you find two distinct seller types steering the market - the hands-on DIY Marketeer and the pragmatic Asset-Conscious Owner. Unraveling their unique approaches, motivations, and challenges, we gain insight into the aviation sales process. (If you are interested in how Planephd helps you sell smarter, check out this survey.)

The Hands-On DIY Marketeer

Often fueled by a profound love for aviation, the DIY Marketeer embodies a proactive, hands-on approach to selling. Their technical expertise and intimate knowledge of their aircraft's history become the cornerstone of their sales strategy. These sellers have their own challenges and characteristics:

Technical Expertise: Their in-depth knowledge of their aircraft's specifications and performance capabilities serves to build trust and confidence in potential buyers.

Personal Touch: Drawing upon personal experiences and memorable flights, they craft a compelling narrative, establishing an emotional bond with potential buyers.

Active Marketing: Their hands-on approach spans multiple marketing channels, including online platforms, social media, and aviation forums. However, the time-consuming nature of this intensive marketing can be a challenge.

Negotiation Skills: Their deep knowledge equips them to handle price negotiations confidently. Yet, the fine art of negotiation can be tricky, demanding patience and finesse.

Passionate Brand Ambassador: Their enthusiasm translates into effective brand advocacy, but finding the right buyer who shares their passion can be challenging.

The Pragmatic Asset-Conscious Owner

The Asset-Conscious Owner perceives their aircraft as a high-value asset. Guided by pragmatism, they prefer to entrust the intricacies of the selling process to professional brokers. The asset conscious seller also makes sure to have a good sense of what the market is doing.

Here are some of their characteristics and challenges: 

Value-Oriented: They prioritize achieving a fair price for their aircraft, sometimes at the risk of over-reliance on brokers to navigate market trends and negotiations.

Engages Professional Brokers: By hiring experienced brokers, they leverage industry knowledge and connections. However, finding a trustworthy broker who aligns with their interests can be challenging.

Hands-Off Approach: Preferring minimal involvement in the sales process, they delegate negotiations and transactions to brokers. This hands-off approach can sometimes lead to a sense of detachment from the process.

Time Savings: Delegation allows them to focus on other business or personal commitments, but it also means a lack of control over the process and pace of the sale.

Reliance on Market Insight: These sellers lean heavily on their broker's market analysis. However, a passive reliance on external advice may limit their understanding of market dynamics.

Is One Approach Superior?

The vast aircraft sales landscape is predominantly steered by two distinct seller types - each with its unique approach, motivations, and challenges. The hands-on DIY Marketeer leverages their passion and knowledge to connect directly with potential buyers, despite the time and effort required. On the other end of the spectrum, the pragmatic Asset-Conscious Owner values their aircraft but entrusts the complex sales process to professionals, prioritizing a fair price and time savings. But the reality is that there is no one-size-fits-all in this diverse market. Both types of sellers, with their unique strengths and preferences, contribute to the vibrant, ever-evolving tapestry of the aviation sales landscape. Regardless of the approach, the endgame remains the same - finding an ideal buyer for their prized aviation asset, ensuring a smooth transaction, and fostering mutual satisfaction.

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