About My Aircraft

I have been an owner of this airplane for over 42 years. It has been a very comfortable and dependable airplane with a reasonable cost of ownership. Although this model is advertised to achieve 163 mph (142 KTs) the real economy is achieved at 65% power where 150 mph (130 KTs) is expected at well under 11 gph in cruise. With its Continental O-470S engine it will burn 87 octane autofuel with no issues, thus adding to the economy. Long range fuel tanks will last 6.5 hours at cruise with reserves and we are still able to load up 4 adults. This is a stable instrument platform and has very adequate capabilities with a GNS 430, GNSS, DME, Stec-50 a/p and full ADSb in and out. We have added some economical accessories to enhance the engine operating and monitoring process including fuel flow, 6 cyl. CHT and digital EGT. Interior is still mostly original. Paint was done with IMRON in 1994 and still looks fresh today. This plane has offered its owners pleasurable transportation and enjoyment for over 6800 hours.

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