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Twin engine turbofan aircraft. The G200 seats up to 19 passengers plus 2 pilot(s).

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Originally named the Astra Galaxy, the Gulfstream G200 was rebranded when Gulfstream Aerospace purchased Galaxy Aerospace in 2001. Originally, it was designed by Israel Aerospace Industries, and was produced from 1999 through 2011. Israel Aerospace Industries is known for manufacturing defence systems and space technology.

Galaxy Aerospace began the design process of the Galaxy in the late 1980s, and the project was officially launched in 1993. The jet first took flight on 25 December 1997. By 1998 it was certified by American and Israeli aviation authorities.

The final G200 was manufactured in 2011, with 250 units built throughout the years.

As one of the most popular private business jets, the G200 is owned by businesses, as well as multiple athletes, with most owners not having felt the need to upgrade since. Portuguese soccer superstar Cristiano Ronaldo owns a fully customised G200, mostly used for his travels across Europe.

Since inception, there have only been three safety incident reports, the most recent occurring in May 2018. This incident happened in Honduras, where the aircraft broke into two pieces, however, the crew and passengers escaped with only minor injuries. Both other occurrences seem to be tied to pilot error, and not aircraft malfunction. The G200 has a spotless accident record.

The average operating cost per annum is estimated at around $1 000 000, at 400 flying hours. It is estimated that, with annual overhauls, scheduled maintenance and regular upkeep, the plane should remain in service for 20 years or more. The G200 went from a dispatch rating of 90% in 2001, to a current rating of 99%.

The G200 is powered by two, high standard Pratt & Whitney Canada PW306 turbofans, producing 5700 pounds of thrust. In 2004, auto throttles became an option.

The Gulfstream G200 was designed to be as aerodynamic as possible; this process was aided by a 3D structural analysis programme. Primarily the jet is made of aluminium, titanium and steel.

The G200 also boasts a strengthened Astra SPX wing, with winglets and high lift devices. The fuel is stored in three tanks: one in each wing and one in the aircraft belly. This high load on the wings makes for smooth flying conditions in the G200.

The G200 cabin has a total volume of 870 cubic feet. It can comfortably accommodate eight passengers, with ten being the maximum seating capacity.

There are three possible cabin layouts, three 110 volt power outlets with data ports, an LCD monitor, two DVD players and a CD player. Interior design upgrades, satcom, satellite radio and Internet are all available extras.

Owing to its design in Israel, with excruciating temperatures, the G200 can very efficiently cool, and maintain a cool cabin. The cabin and cockpit are fitted with separate climate controls. Additionally, the cabin air is replenished regularly with fresh air, as opposed to recirculated air.

The G200 can reach an altitude of 37 000 feet in just 19 minutes, and has a high speed cruise of 0.82 Mach. The maximum range is 3400 nautical miles. Paired with favourable tailwinds, you could fly transcontinental and transoceanic, without refuelling. Theoretically, you could fly non stop between Detroit and London, or Berlin and Delhi.

Considering this was one of the first jets in the Gulfstream series, it did exceptionally well. Operating at the cost of a midsize jet, with the luxury and comfort of a large jet cabin, the G200 offers good value, range and speed. It is a business jet still competing; giving even the more recent G450s and G550s a run for their money.

by Li Rossouw

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Market Stats

Number of transactions last month:
Month to Month Growth Percent:
Year over Year Montly Growth Percent:

Performance specifications


2 x 6,040 N

Best Cruise Speed:

470 KIAS

Best Range (i):

3,530 NM

Fuel Burn:

233.0 GPH

Rate of climb:

3,700 FPM

Rate of climb (1 engine out):

395 FPM


45,000 FT

Ceiling (1 engine out):

23,720 FT

Takeoff distance:

6,083 FT

Landing distance:

2,590 FT


Gross Weight:

35,450 LBS

Empty Weight:

20,200 LBS

Maximum Payload:

4,050 LBS

Fuel capacity:

15,000 LBS

Ownership Costs 1999



Weather service:


Pilot salary, taxes and benefits


Pilot training


Total Variable Cost (234.0 Hrs)
Cost Per Hour = $1,753.91
Cost Per Mile = $3.73


Fuel cost per hour:
(233.0 gallons/hr @ $4.90/gal)


Oil cost per hour:


Overhaul reserves:


Hourly maintenance:


Misc: landing, parking, supplies,
catering, etc


Engine (x2)


Pratt & Whitney




6,040 N

Overhaul (HT):

6,000 Hrs

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