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1977 - 1985 CESSNA Citation I 500

Twin engine turbofan aircraft. The Citation I 500 seats up to 6 passengers plus 2 pilot(s).

Market Stats

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Performance specifications


2 x 2,200 N

Best Cruise Speed:

351 KIAS

Best Range (i):

1,325 NM

Fuel Burn:

166.1 GPH

Rate of climb:

2,680 FPM

Rate of climb (1 engine out):

800 FPM


41,000 FT

Ceiling (1 engine out):

21,000 FT

Takeoff distance:

2,930 FT

Landing distance:

2,270 FT


Gross Weight:

11,850 LBS

Empty Weight:

6,684 LBS

Maximum Payload:

2,097 LBS

Fuel capacity:

3,780 LBS

Ownership Costs

Total Cost of Ownership:

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Total Fixed Cost

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Annual inspection cost:

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Weather service:

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Pilot salary, taxes and benefits

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Pilot training

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Miscellaneous expenses:

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Refurbishing and modernization:

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Total Variable Cost ( Hrs)
Cost Per Hour =
Cost Per Mile =

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Fuel cost per hour:
( gallons/hr @ /gal)

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Oil cost per hour:

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Overhaul reserves:

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Hourly maintenance:

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Misc: landing, parking, supplies,
catering, etc

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Engine (x2)


Pratt & Whitney




2,200 N

Overhaul (HT):

3,500 Hrs

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CESSNA Citation I 501 (1969 - 2005)

Image description

Typical Price: $421,328.00
Total Cost of Ownership: $723,452.94
Best Cruise: 357 KIAS ( 6 )
Best Range: 1325 NM ( 0 )
Fuelburn: 166.1 GPH ( 0.0 )

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