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The Plane Purchase

Whether you've been drooling over a Cessna CE 210 Centurion, Piper PA-61 Aerostar, or maybe a more sensible Cessna CE 206 Stationair ... one thing might feel true - it is time to buy that airplane you've been dreaming of.   

Thanks to the last year's improbable events, it is also suddenly a lot more compelling to consider.  So, you  join the ranks of aircraft buyers and you've magically come to the right spot: We've consolidated most of the aircraft for sale listings in the planet in one place - you can even jump in and search by manufacturer.

After you close on your plane and bring it home, you realize what a good decision it was:  Parked on the ramp, next to your old flight school’s Cessna CE 172 Skyhawk, that you patiently poured money into, you feel vindicated.  You've got your license and your own ride.

You're free, you're saving money, and in control of your schedule, maintenance and per mile cost.

At Planephd we don’t own that many aircraft. But we track 36,764 of them. In fact, we’ve been tracking all GA transactions since 2015.  If you end up doing a screenshare demo with us, you'll be able to mine really cool questions, like: Well how many Cessna 310Rs are for sale this moment?  And what do they sell for typically?  What will it cost me all in to feed this thing?  Want to go granular? We can search who has an STEC autopilot or a sleek Garmin GTN 750 in the make and model of your choice.  Focus, save time and enter each negotiation like a pro.

Data is Hard to Give Up - Once You Start

We’re geeky. And we fly. And we know what it is like to be bitten by the bug to learn how to fly. And once we’ve done that, we know what the overwhelming desire is like to try and find something reasonable to own and operate.

And, yet, questions remain:

  • When it comes time to buy - what is the best way to know what to offer?
  • What is the best way to compare range, speed and payload?
  • What will it cost to make an offer, inspect, close and insure? 
  • How do I avoid those costly surprises I've heard other encounter?
  • After closing, how can I get it home, while also training / getting checked out and lowering insurance costs?

The Planephd Landscape

You quickly realize that out of the 2356 possible aircraft that fit your possible needs, you'd really like to pare that list down.  Why not start with some key assumptions: You'll fly once per week, you want to cover 300+ miles in less than 2 hours, you don't want to drink more than 20 gph of fuel, and your budget is $250K to buy it.  Load those assumptions into the advanced wizard and get a great starting point with this list.  

Now you've reduced the universe of aircraft down to 25 or so types that make sense.  But let's pare it down a bit further:

  • It might as well have retractable gear (speed)
  • You'd like to know the financial impact of a hangar vs. a tie down, so you add the hangar cost
  • You want to get there in 1.6 hours, not 2 hours

Now you've got a tight list of 6 types to choose from - bravo! You're hunting smarter and your doing a mission based approach, just lie the professional aviation buyers.

Smarter Hunting

We developed Planephd on the premise that transparency in the sales process is a good thing for everyone.  It helps the fair and honorable aircraft seller obtain more for their aircraft, while protecting buyers from less than perfect sales scenarios.  Emotions, needs and aircraft purchasing can be tough to triangulate.

But with a good sober and logical voice at your side, you can own one in less than 90 days if you are serious about it. If this sounds like something you’d like to get started on, click here learn more or give us a text or call at (603) 301-5120.